Dedicated to advancing mental healthcare

We are passionate about helping our clinicians become the best they can be.

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Mental health matters

The world is waking up to the fact that mental health is as important to our wellbeing as physical health. But the burden of psychological conditions on our society and our health services continues to grow.

Psych Health was founded by clinicians who are dedicated to advancing mental health care. We wanted to create an environment where we could genuinely make a difference – helping patients get better, stay better and live better.

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Care comes first

Working for Psych Health means getting the chance to do the job you signed up for. Our clinical values mean we don’t compromise on care, and will never put profits before patients.

Training and mentorship is built-in to life at Psych Health, and we prioritise clinical supervision to ensure the highest standards of care in line with our accreditation.

Our core values

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We are committed to building supportive relationships with our clinicians and our clients

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We strive to meet the highest standards of clinical care and customer service

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Ensuring we meet the standards we set ourselves

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We believe that a supportive environment helps us all achieve good mental health

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